E-Learning & M-Learning


E-learning is an effective solution and feasible, make use of the advancement of electronic media, the Internet to transmit the knowledge and skill to learners are individual or organization every corner of in the world at the any moment. E-learning helps people, expand training opportunities and high-quality learning at a low cost.


Inheriting achievement of E-learning, M-learning brings great benefits to both teacher and learner. Everyone can teach and learn anytime, anywhere, regardless of the train, car, travel, coffee shop,... such as people often say that mobile device course, always travel and beside with you.

New Trend of Education and Training

           The 20th century, when the internet has grown very strong premise for the explosion of smart mobile device in the first year of the 21st century to now, devices such as smart phone, tablet, flourished and is widely used in the global. Along with the new methods of learning that have been formed in the most notable is the  M-learningM-learninghay “Mobile learning” is a form of mobile learning allow students to participate in course, access to course via mobile devices such as mobile phone or Personal Device Assistant (PDA). Learning content can provide on Mobile learning to build a variety of content from text, audio, image, video and other content.

Mobile learning bring many benefits in education for both student and people participate in teaching, such as:

  • Learners can learn anytime, anywhere in the true sense when bringing a mobile device on your body, people can learn while traveling on the train, car, travel, etc
  • Interoperability faster and more flexible than the other input and output device.
  • Mobile device convenient to carry and use.
  • The cost of cheaper mobile so that user the opportunity to access higher learning method.
  • Encourage user to experience the more learning opportunity instead of playing games and other application on a mobile phone.

For learner:

  • Easy reception prior knowledge lesson
  • Subscribe to the main content and consolidate knowledge lesson
  • Give the content of the document, the good book.
  • Application for communicating
  • Review your knowledge
  • Can make and submit test knowledge anytime, anywhere, easily send your test.

Apart from, the Mobile Learning Network also huge benefit for people participate in teaching, such as:

  • Can monitor course information anytime, anywhere
  • Answering the request of student quickly
  • Follow and reinforce knowledge for the course
  • Easily monitor evaluation test
  • Release assessment result quickly