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In the recent years, the smart phone has become familiar and popular, from urban area to a rural area. With each phone is not only object to hear from the call, but also as well as close friend help to entertainment, news reads,....We are always looking forward to goal turn your phone into a supporter an efficient in their work, life and entertainment. Especially, we had and have been developing a mobile application system in education and training, survey, monitoring and disaster warning of an epidemic, public health education, application serve the Ministry of health and environmental education to raise people's awareness and versus climate change, ...

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mobile application

Why would you take several days to schedule, arrange teaching focus on the local health workers and whether they are coming or not present when the distance to move tens or even hundreds of kilometers to be participate one or two lessons. Does the training lessons are effective or not?

Why do you spend months, even years to come to make a survey with a lot of work to do to prepare questions, create the survey, go to, print the survey, and research training courses for members, carrying away all references to individual households down to the plain from domain to perform. Finally the survey collects and take months to arrange, sum up the result, analysis and reporting of data.

Had your business never met the case, just to be trained to the same training content to employees yet? If your business frequently changing staff and you often have to open training courses for new employees. So, while doing takes a lot of time and costs, how to reduce these costs

Above these are some of the examples we give, there are many other problems in life.

 So, what is SOLUTIONS to these problems?

MOBILE APPLICATION let to VNG EDUCATION help you make the best solution for your problem.

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