Web development

We are living in the digital age and the internet has become a popular media, quickly. More than ever, website has become a powerful communication channel, official and efficiency of each business.

At vng.edu.vn, we set the standards when building a website:

Innovative interface, synchro with the brand identity system.

Easy administration, scalability development in the future.

Optimization with SEO rules (website optimization for search engines).

System professional client support and advice to help clients operate well and efficiently site.

In addition, we are always conscious construction and expansion of auxiliary services: Website Content updates and maintenance - to resolve the problem, web page optimization - SEO, email marketing, etc to help online activities always favourable business.

With the successful deployment experience at home and abroad enterprises in many fields: company introduction, product; online sale, promote tourism, real estate transaction, education and training ... we are confident team gives businesses the most appropriate solution.

Responsive web design - can understand that web design style customization to meet. This is a design trend of 2012 and until now. The main reason is the emergence of massive smartphone, tablet, PC ... and resolution, the screen size of each device is not the same.

Responsive web design is a solution advanced web design, help your site automatically changes according to the resolution of each device.

Responsive web design - Just have a design, but can use on all devices.

Does your business have a website yet?

If your answer is "No" that mean you have missed out on the advantages that the Internet can bring to your company. Especially in the fiercely competitive situation as today, we need to bring our clients the means to access the services of our company. Internet had and has brought us a tremendous support to us can increase business efficiency by professional website.

Web site design which we are considering implementing one carefully, and perfectly suited to the specific single requirement for you, also it includes special features designed for the purpose of maximizing potential your website, turn your website visitors into real clients.

We know that the quality of website design service will truly bring commercial benefits to the enterprise. We recognize that the necessity of combining creativity with, pay attention to detail and appreciation of the factors that make the client will choose or ignore the product, your service. One of the most important thing is that we understand the importance of exploiting your messages sent to clients.

We do not design website for profit - we do it because that's what we love.

"A professional website can make the difference!"