We have developed
the next generation technology
Bring to you the next generation training technology and solution
Minimize training cost, maximize content, knowledge and profit
All you need to developing
We have well experienced company
creative and professional
great things
Bring the real value of education and training
with innovative design and creativity all the lectures become vivid and lure
which training is not liability to each business.
Pioneering technology
We are proud
Bring to you the most advanced technology for teaching and training.

The most optimal solution to reduce the maximum cost, maximize quality and efficiency.
Leading solution
develop mobile application

Mobile application development

Developing mobile application useful to society and life as our happiness.

Especially mobile application in service education and training, medical and health, environment and climate change versus.

training system


Bring to you an education technology and training of the latest generation.

  •   E-Learning Technology
  •   M-Learning Technology
  •   A training system combining with direct training to indirect training E-Learning and M-Learning
responsive web design


Giving to clients web applications:

  •   Effect
  •   Security
  •   Speed
  •   SEO Standard
  •   Optimal efficiency and productivity

Coming with us you will be satisfied and assured.

technology and solution for education


VNG EDUCATION  is the company constantly research, creation, application and development of new technologies to serve education and training. We also develop applications, systems serves important for governments, businesses, organizations and individuals with expected partners for sustainable development.

VNG understand what do you want, perform what do you need. www.vng.edu.vn always travel with you to develop the brand on the Internet.

Do you want to introduce company, organization, individual, or do you want to sell or introduce your product... Do you want your product and service easier than to find and access by the majority of clients' potential? Do you want to increase sale without rising costs? Do you not have a website or you have built we sale, but does not bring the desired effect? You have waste cost and time that have not yet to find an efective solution to concretize your investment into profit.

Do you want to build a system of survey, monitoring system or database system online? Do you want to access and use the system anytime, anywhere, on any device a computer, smartphone or tablet?

Let www.vng.edu.vn to be made your wish.VNG always travel with you to develop the brand on the INTERNET.

Zabbix dashboard view

Zabbix dashboard view
online database

Database online

Database online indispensable if you want to store, transfer, statistical reporting and analysis in this new era. Database online system to help reduce severe in centralized storage, statistic, analysis and reporting of information.

online monitoring system

Surveillacne system

A system of surveillance and reporting to various levels from high to low will help you to reduce the burden on financial, time and effort. Which still has the information timely and accurate, with the analysis and visual report quickly help you make timely decision. Particularly in the health sector, and the business environment.

You will be satisfied with the price and quality of service

Affordable prices to suit with product requirement and your purpose. Help you optimize between cost and profit.

Professional, skill & experience

Skilled staff, experienced professional and will always timely client support. Ensure your services work best.

Harmony, creativity, safety & security

We will bring you high quality products.

Harmonious design & innovation, product safety and security.


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