SEO Web Optimization Construction

October 8, 2016

Our team of SEO expert - engineer in information technology practical experience

The VNG EDUCATION has a team of SEO expert prestige in Vietnam, with many expert and lecturer teaching at many SEO training centers in Vietnam. Along with the SEO expert are the founder and the administrator of the fanpage Search Engine Optimize.

SEO Process for Website transparency in accordance with these sites recommended by Google always bring stability, quality and safety for our clients website.

VNG EDUCATION has many customers in the world appreciate the quality of service and product. So, VNG EDUCATION is always a reliable partner and selected long-term work.
The following website is VNG EDUCATION refuse to do SEO web

  1. Pornography
  2. Incitement to racism
  3. Incitement to drug use
  4. Inciting Violence
  5. Terrorism
  6. Contain recipe explosive
  7. Violating current legislation
  8. If your website was mistakenly blocked by the service, you can send an email to support our technique address

A Web Seo service of the VNG EDUCATION is also do not receive advertisement the website:

  • The website is not being indexed (not the index)
  • Is prohibited on the search engine
  • Do not have original content, which only include the text is loaded directly from the Internet
  • No content writing (Absolutely no post, or only photo)
  • There are words and obscene expression
  • The foreign language website, or no version Vietnamese
  • Completely written in Flash
  • Written on AJAX technology
  • Web pages for the version of JAVA
  • The website is written in the frame (frame)
  • The site has technical problem (too long page load, server error...)
  • Containing spam search - spamdexing (the meaningless list of keyword, the text is created automatically, no connection, the Invisible text, frame sizes exceeding article screen...)
  • The site has content that does not exceed 100 characters
  • The site has popunder - banner ads
  • The website contains links to the same not topic on other websites
  • and .gov domain name websites

We work with determination, hard, nonstop effort each day with the goal of:

Let's learn how to VNG EDUCATION help your business thrive on the internet!