Why should build a mobile surveying and monitoring system?

October 5, 2016

Mobile technology is really blooming, telephone marketing is also becoming popular. Along with the mobile survey was developed and soon to be welcomed as a data collection solution fast, simple, effective and cost saving.
The biggest advantage of Mobile Survey is a questionnaire survey was taken to quickly and accurately to the respondent. This is more convenient than compare having to come to your place, distribution and wait questionnaire respondent to enter answers. A research show that 35% of Globalpark respondent participated in the survey via mobile resubmit answer within the first 2 hours.
In parallel, the answer is sent will be automatically updated in the system, helping to eliminate a time-consuming step is input manually by hand, to avoid confusion and mistake.
Thereby, the company can save a lot of time and money, can invest resources to analyze the result to evaluate the data given earlier. This is a competitive advantage in time record remarkable fierce market.
A recent research from the US Gallup Institution shows 94% of Vietnam have a cell phone, 37% have a smartphone (smartphone). The rate of Internet users with mobile up to 31%, 48% use the phone to read the news. These figures show that the great potential of the development of mobile survey form, open up opportunities for all businesses want to harness the effectiveness of this method.

However, in order to effectively survey, businesses should pay attention and invest in the construction of the content concise question, make sure to go to the heart of the survey objective, while still appealing and attractive to respond proactively respond to the mind relaxed and ready to provide real information.

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