Responsive Web Design

October 5, 2016

Responsive Design - or can understand that web design style customization to meet. This is a design trend of 2012 and until now. The main reason is the emergence of massive smartphone, tablet, PC ... and resolution, the screen size of each device is not the same. Responsive web design is a web design solution advanced, helping your site automatically change according to the resolution of each device.

Why do you do Responsive design for the website?

Non-stop development of technology has changed the habit of people who use the computer and the internet to find information, service and product. Now, web surfer can not sit in front of a computer screen to search for a product or service that have been transferred to the handheld device - smartphone - tablet. As Mary Meeker of Kleiner Perkins, said: "The acceptance of mobile web use occurred faster 8 times than traditional web in the late 90s.

And user trend always holding smartphone to social networking, chat with friends and have a statistics show that 30% of traffic to social networking - social media stem from mobile devices ( smartphone). Among them, more than 42 million people access the social network via the browser on their mobile devices in 2011, while 38.5 million people access through mobile apps.

thiết kế giao diện web thân thiện

Responsive web design - just a design but used on all devices

So that's what Responsive Design for Your business website should do now. VNG Education the at home and abroad enterprises, highly appreciated by the aesthetic web design, web technology using modern responsive to customer needs. We advise SEO website design standard run on all browsers Mobile Smartphone, tablet, desktop computer ... In addition to designing the interface consistent with all browsers running on IOS, Androi, windowphone, RIM ... our high level of SEO standard. Optimization How to SEO Onpage professional.

What is the site construction Responsive Design?

Website Responsive Design is not the Web site's miniature desktop computer, laptop. Website Responsive Design that has changed the design and use of modern technology to respond flexibly to the different display screen such as mobile, tablet, laptop, desktop, ... The user web access web content viewable in the status display the best and most friendly.


Reach more clients

A friendly website with a mobile device can help your business connect with clients and transform their behavior into action.

Mobility and easy connection

A friendly website with a mobile device can help your business connect with clients and transform their behavior into action.

Readable content

Friendly Website with Mobile device is designed so visitors can easily manipulate as on their desktop computer. With a better user interface. Suitable for all screen sizes of mobile and content provider easy to readable.

Shifting user

The website is supported to mobile device will give your client to a new way to navigate through the multi-touch functionality. Navigation structure will be more user friendly and visually.

Connecting businesses quickly

A friendly website for mobile device allow you to immediately attract user with feature such as touch function call and mobile mapping specific. With a simple operation, the customer will immediately be connected to your business. 

Easily share link

Friendly website with a mobile device can be easily shared between user sand be found on search engine.

Web faster load time

Friendly websites with mobile device designed for the standard for mobile phone, tablet and optimal download speed, which mean that less waiting and matching multiple browsers.

Competitive advantage

Friendly website with your mobile device to ensure that you attract the attention of accessor when you have it. If your site does not meet good on the mobile version, the smartphone will lose quite a lot of accessors & potential clients.

Prioritized in mobile search

There is a higher priority and a chance to appear higher in the search results better.

Optimization SEO

Ensure optimal SEO no duplicate content and other SEO errors, help to always increase website ranking and stability in accordance with Google's standard.
Our team of expert programmer and graphic designer we are always updated with the latest advancement in web technology more than anyone will enhance your company's symbol on the global information network Internet and stressed the difference of your company compared to competitors.

Having the success that we - a team of information technology engineers, designers, multimedia communication VNG Education has been working hard with a passion for technology, art, website design, and the web optimization expert and web promotion.
With experience in professional website design, website design we suit each characteristic industry, field, the product of business... your business to make your website the best and most effective.